Fiduciary Approach

Set Up for Success, Insured: A Step in the Right Direction with a Fiduciary Infrastructure

A fiduciary standard in the life insurance and annuities industry is a relatively new occurrence. Regulations mandate that you must have a solid infrastructure supporting your fiduciary practice before a best interest recommendation is made. Palladium Group views its fiduciary insurance infrastructure to contain 10 important key aspects.
Social Security

Prepare Your Clients for Reductions in Social Security Benefits

Some experts predict trust funds may be depleted as soon as 2028. Are your clients protected?
Fiduciary Approach

Set Up for Success, Insured: A Fiduciary Approach

As an RIA, life insurance and annuities are assets you will encounter within a portfolio or consider as you develop a client’s financial plan. Your fiduciary duty never waivers, but whether federal or state fiduciary regulation applies depends on several factors. Nonetheless, Palladium Group will mirror your fiduciary obligation.
Team Profile

Getting to Know Jeff Hess

Engaging with clients and advisors is what I love the most. I enjoy collaborating with others to discuss how we can find a better solution.

Is An Annuity Really Worth It?

Diversification is essential to optimizing performance. When you strategically position annuities to generate guaranteed income from a portion of the overall portfolio, this frees the remaining assets and allows for a more aggressive investment.
Disability Insurance

Protecting Disrupted Income with Disability Insurance

If your clients care enough to purchase life insurance for their loved ones, shouldn't they look at disability insurance in a similar light?
Tax Diversification

Are Your Clients Impacted by the “Ultra-Millionaire” Wealth Tax?

The threat of higher income tax on the horizon, combined with a broader acceptance of SMA structures, has created a perfect planning opportunity for RIAs. Whether you are already advising UHNW clients or looking to expand your reach into the private client or family office space, now is the time to educate yourself on this strategy.
Disability Insurance

The Road to Recovery: Discussing Disability Insurance with Your Clients

During May's Disability Insurance Awareness Month, it is the perfect time to best prepare your clients for an unforeseen injury or illness with a solid plan in place and a review of their policy to discuss DI with them.

Prioritizing Client Education to Enhance Financial Literacy

As your clients improve their financial literacy, it will profoundly impact their future and how they allocate their assets and save for retirement. This creates a significant opportunity for you. Everyone benefits from a more robust, financially sound plan.

A Better Asset Allocation Strategy Than “Set It and Forget It”

Add value to your clients by making a complete evaluation of their annuity products. Our Annuity Audit service, backed by Morningstar Intelligence, is available to help. We will work up a thorough analysis and provide you with clear information to share with your client.
Tax Diversification

New Administration, New Tax-Efficient Strategies

Most of us are beyond ready to get back to the normal we knew more than a year ago. And for financial advisors, that means helping your clients prepare for the possibility of taxes returning to higher rates. As clients have questions about taxes, you have an opportunity to protect them with tax-efficient solutions.
Women in Finance

Blazing a Path in the Financial Industry

Long-term Care

Important Updates on the Genworth Acquisition

Our team of expert RIA Consultants is happy to assist you and your clients in reviewing their existing LTC policies with Genworth to ensure all parties involved can make the most informed decision for their particular situation.
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Getting to Know Chad Nulty

I love showing advisors how they can improve their client’s financial plan by partnering with me to help mitigate risk and income taxation. I want to change the perception of insurance.
Succession Planning

Succession Planning Now, Success Later

Help your client use uninvested assets to protect the future of their business.
Estate Planning

COVID-19 Estate Planning

As the nation grapples with the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, Americans are getting a stark reminder of our mortality. For many, this event is serving as a wake-up call to get their estate plans in order.
Estate Planning

Estate Growth Calculator

Very few of your clients have had the need to address potential estate taxes because the exemption amounts have been quite high relative to the historical average. Estate tax changes may be coming — and possibly soon.
Long-term Care

Taking Long-term Care Funding from Scary to Solved

Our world is full of complicated information. And the insurance industry is notorious for creating products that can be hard to understand. I’m sure we’ve all had clients suffer from “analysis paralysis” when trying to decide between multiple solutions. But it doesn’t have to be scary.
Income Planning

4 Reasons to Focus on Income Planning

We have to look at the future in terms of our clients’ needs–beyond technology. We are going to be forced to generate more income for longer periods of time with fewer assets than ever before.
Disability Insurance

Why A Business Needs Key Person Disability Insurance

In every successful business, there’s always a handful of people you couldn’t do without. Some are out in front. Others, behind the scenes. Either way, they are the people who make the business go. Without them, the business owner would be lost.
Pandemic Insurance

Insurance Risk Perception During COVID-19

Fiduciary Approach

Fiduciary Approach for Insurance Planning

In my 20 years of working in this industry, I’m not sure I’ve seen the insurance space struggle with something as much as they have in adopting a fiduciary approach, particularly when it comes to working with fee-only advisors.
Life Insurance

A Careful Examination of Existing Life Insurance Coverage

By doing your due diligence as a registered investment advisor, and by looking closely at all of the known components of your clients’ current circumstances and future plans, you can do your part to be sure their policy performs to its full potential.
Long-term Care

Managing Change in Long-term Care

Lately, the only consistent aspect of the long-term care market is change, and in recent years we are seeing that change occur with increasing frequency. One of the most significant changes has been in how we talk with clients about long-term care.
Life Insurance

The Life Insurance Industry: Alive, Dynamic, and Essential

I’ve read several morose articles about the life insurance industry. Reports of companies “halting sales” and reporting “dim profits” make for sensational headlines but also paint a limited picture of an industry that is on the cusp of revitalization and is essential to the financial well-being of families, businesses, and charities.
Fee-only Insurance

Client Outcomes vs. Compensation Philosophies

The development of commission-free insurance products is a significant step – demonstrating industry alignment with the way clients want to do business.

Are Your Clients Adequately Insured?

How often are you checking in with your clients to ensure there aren’t gaps in their insurance coverage?