Annuity Solutions

Enhance your retirement.

The majority of Americans today fear running out of money during retirement more than they fear death. It’s easy to understand why when you think about today’s risks in retirement:

  • People not saving enough to fund their retirement lifestyle
  • Not electing the optimal Social Security Income strategy for themselves or their partner
  • The loss of company-provided guaranteed income sources like defined benefit plans
  • The demographic shift and medical advances creating longer retirement life expectancies

You and your clients need solutions to assuage these fears so that your clients can lead a retirement lifestyle with a sense of security and peace of mind. You also want to make sure that a significant goal is met or exceeded when working with your clients. Your reputation depends on it. We understand that, and that’s why we are focused on helping you improve the probability of success for your clients.

The Palladium Group has built a full line of fee-only and fee-based solutions to mitigate the risks of longevity, the loss of other guaranteed income sources, and the need to be more tax efficient at retirement. Solutions that are available include income planning software, fixed rate annuity options, fixed indexed annuity options, income riders, and traditional income annuities. When used in conjunction with a holistic retirement income plan, annuities can help ease the fears of your clients.

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