The Palladium Group Story

Consultative, outcome-based insurance solutions for registered investment advisors.

In 2012, a local top-tier financial planning firm approached Ash Brokerage seeking a more efficient solution for incorporating insurance into their clients’ financial plans. At the time, this firm’s network consisted of several different insurance professionals, each bringing varying levels of expertise and often conflicting processes and recommendations to the table. Aligning the efforts and motivations of so many individuals had proven a challenge, and they hoped to mirror the more streamlined approach to business — through one or two carefully selected custodians — that had served their financial planning and investment clients so well.

Ash Brokerage agreed to help. Over the months that followed, we worked closely with our new partners — learning the language, processes, culture and overall philosophy of registered investment advisors. The result was Palladium Group — a boutique insurance consulting firm that began and grew alongside this fee-only RIA with the mission of becoming a seamless and highly effective extension of an RIA’s financial services.

Since then, Palladium Group has adapted to respond to the changing needs of RIAs. We’ve made significant investments in our technology to produce a service platform that will meet the needs of our clients now and in the future. And as we’ve expanded our footprint in the national market, we’ve continued to add more insurance experts to our team.

Through each new development, the core of Palladium Group remains unchanged: we are committed to providing RIAs with a wholly agnostic approach driven by client outcomes, unparalleled white-glove service, and a transparent compensation model.