Disability Insurance

5 Benefits of Multi-Life DI to Share with Your Business Owner Clients

Multi-life doesn’t have to be complicated. When talking to business owners, keep it simple. By addressing just five key benefits, you’ll be showing them how a multi-life DI plan can impact their business.

  1. Cost savings: Because multi-life disability insurance is purchased in bulk, it offers pricing discounts and is often more affordable than individual disability insurance policies for each employee.
  2. Retaining valuable employees: Offering disability insurance can make a business more attractive to potential employees and can help retain current employees who value the added benefit.
  3. Enhanced employee satisfaction: Providing disability insurance to employees can also increase their job satisfaction and loyalty to the company, which can lead to improved productivity and a better overall work environment.
  4. Improved financial stability: In the event that an employee becomes disabled and can no longer work, benefits from disability insurance can help cover their living expenses and medical bills, reducing the financial burden on the employee and the company.
  5. Customizable coverage: Multi-life disability insurance policies can be tailored to meet the specific needs of a business and its employees, with options such as different benefit periods, elimination periods and coverage amounts.

The next time you meet with your business owner client to talk about protection, bring up the benefits of disability insurance. It could be just the solution they’ve been waiting for.

*This material is for financial professional and educational use only. Not to be reproduced or shown to clients.