Life Insurance Solutions

Life insurance from Palladium Group is more than just a backup plan — it’s an invaluable asset.

People often view life insurance as protection for their loved ones in case something unfortunate occurs. And while that peace of mind is certainly valuable, life insurance can also be part of your client’s investment portfolio.

For many of the life insurance plans offered by Palladium Group, the cash values within the policy grow through interest crediting. That accumulated value is tax-deferred, and when structured properly, can be utilized for emergencies or for additional retirement income potentially tax-free.

Incorporating life insurance into estate planning has many additional benefits. Properly structured, life insurance can help protect other assets, and it can help to distribute accumulated wealth to family members through the establishment of trusts.

In addition to family protection, we offer products to protect businesses and their owners — many of whom spend a lifetime pouring their heart and soul into their endeavors. As you provide a strategy to transition that business to the next generation or to make sure it is marketable at full value, we can provide the products to protect that value. We can also assist with protecting from the loss of key employees.

All life insurance plans offered by Palladium Group are placed through Ash Brokerage, a leading insurance solutions provider with over 50 years of excellence in the industry. Combined with our team’s experience and expertise, we are confident we can provide you and your clients with a custom policy that provides additional security and protection for the future.

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