Ongoing Insurance Education from Palladium Group

Our easy, education-oriented process adds continual value for you and your clients.

From the moment you engage with Palladium Group for life insurance, long-term care, disability, or annuities, we will begin setting up a seamless and easy working relationship. Our formal onboarding process will familiarize you with our platform and processes. We will also train you and your team on how to start a case with us, how to introduce your clients to us, what a medical discovery call will be like for your client, and give you tools and resources so that you know what to expect throughout the course of your experience with Palladium Group.

And the education doesn’t stop there. We offer continual training modules and lunch-and-learns, which we can easily conduct in person or over webinar. We will bring you up to speed on topics ranging from the basics of life insurance and policy review to more advanced subjects such as buy-sell planning strategies and discussing long-term care with your clients.