Insurance Analysis from Palladium Group

Our insurance strategies start with a thorough analysis of your clients’ financial goals and needs.

Life Audits

Our Life Audit process will help clarify your clients’ existing life insurance portfolio by putting your clients’ coverage through a consultative analysis to determine whether or not they should reaffirm, modify, or adjust their life insurance coverage.

Consultative Case Design

There is no one best product for everyone. At Palladium Group, we dig deep to understand your client’s purpose and underlying need for insurance. Then, and only then, will we determine the appropriate carriers, product types and design features to accomplish the client’s objectives.

Underwriting Advocacy

Our pre-underwriting and underwriting advocacy leverage a highly experienced internal team of underwriters, a medical director, strong carrier relationships, and a proprietary process to present your client in the best light to achieve the best rate class under the circumstances and to obtain more favorable outcomes.

Navigating Advanced Markets

Our team of expert specialists collaborates with select producers on intricate cases involving business planning, sophisticated estate planning, tax concerns, and other high-level concepts.