Income Protection Solutions

Don’t allow your clients to wait until it’s too late.

Your clients’ money-making years are essential to building a financial foundation not only for the future, but also for the present. If an unforeseen illness or injury occurs, cutting those income-earning years short, your clients need to have a plan in place to sustain their families’ lifestyles.

There are many factors to review when considering disability insurance — such as age, income, occupation, and current coverage. Group benefits are often taxable, reducing the net amount to your clients. Thoroughly evaluating these factors is critical to the planning process to ensure that sufficient income is available in the event of a disabling condition.

Many employers offer group disability policies as part of their benefits packages, but those policies only replace a portion of the employee’s income, and those benefits are also taxable. Because of these complications, it’s almost always prudent to add an individual disability policy to your clients’ insurance portfolios.

If you have questions about which disability policy is the right solution for your clients, the experts at Palladium Group are here to make sure your clients’ future — and that of their families — is properly protected.

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