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Long-term Care

Important Updates on the Genworth Acquisition

Our team of expert RIA Consultants is happy to assist you and your clients in reviewing their existing LTC policies with Genworth to ensure all parties involved can make the most informed decision for their particular situation.
Long-term Care

Taking Long-term Care Funding from Scary to Solved

Our world is full of complicated information. And the insurance industry is notorious for creating products that can be hard to understand. I’m sure we’ve all had clients suffer from “analysis paralysis” when trying to decide between multiple solutions. But it doesn’t have to be scary.
Long-term Care

Managing Change in Long-term Care

Lately, the only consistent aspect of the long-term care market is change, and in recent years we are seeing that change occur with increasing frequency. One of the most significant changes has been in how we talk with clients about long-term care.