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Advanced Planning

Employee Retention Strategies: Endorsement Split Dollar Arrangement

Provide unique fringe benefits for key employees with an endorsement split dollar arrangement. As one of several advantages, the employer will own a life insurance policy on the employee, and the employee is encouraged to name the beneficiary on some or all of the death benefit.
Advanced Planning

Employee Retention Strategies: Executive Bonus with Added Restrictions

With a restricted endorsement bonus arrangement, or REBA, business owners can help key employees build long-term financial security while retaining top talent. This simple REBA life insurance strategy can also help attract the best employees in today's competitive job market.
Advanced Planning

3 Effective Key Employee Retention Strategies: A Series

Discover three strategies business owners can use to reward and retain their most valuable employees, including the characteristics of a good retention plan as well as the factors that may cause an employer to prefer one type of plan over another.